Services offered by Hardin Handyman

As a handyman, we are called on to adjust, repair, install, assemble, diagnose, advise and SOLVEĀ  a very, very wide multitude of issues for you. The list below is only a partial list, as listing every single thing would be a really long list indeed.

The MOST important skill I bring to you is problem-solving. This is the beginning of every task, project, decision made by Hardin Handyman.

The SECOND most important skill is execution. Doing your upgrade, enhancement or repair both correctly, and with insane attention to detail.

Look over the services to see how I, John Chapman, owner of Hardin Handyman can help you – and then tell me about your project.

It’ll be great meeting you, and working with you!




  • Microwave Installation – Above Range
  • Microwave Installation – Mounted Below Cabinet
  • Washer Installation
  • Dryer Installation
  • A/C Window Unit Installation
  • Dishwasher Installation / Replacement


  • Handle Replacement & Upgrades
  • Soft Close Hardware Installation Both Drawers & Doors
  • Loose Hinge Repair
  • Childproofing
  • Drawer Repair


  • Shower Head Replacement
  • Shower Door Unit Adjustment/Repair/Replacement


  • Cable Routing
  • Network Wiring
  • Low Voltage Wiring
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Low Voltage Security Lighting
  • Thermostat upgrade/replacement

Low-Voltage electrical for LED lighting, or other Low-Voltage applications is skillfully administered by Hardin Handyman. If you have typical electrical issues/needs with 110v (wall power), a professional licensed electrician will be needed.

Garage Doors

  • Spring Adjustments
  • Track Adjustments
  • Panel Replacement
  • Complete Installation


  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Repair
  • Caulking
  • Painting
  • Rotted Wood Repair
  • Storm Door Installation/Replacement
  • Front Door Refinishing
  • Handrails

Gates / Fencing

  • Gates
  • Fencing Repair
  • Automatic Gate Opener

Glass Repair (see dedicated page at: Glass Repair )

  • Scratch Removal
  • Grafitti Removal
  • Hard Water Stain Removal
  • Welding Spatter Removal

Landscaping / Mowing

  • Please contact Clippins Lawn Service for Mowing, Landscaping, Edging, Mulching, Turf Maintenance, Fertilizing, Lawn Treatment, Leaf Removal.

Door Locks / Door Hardware

  • Door Handle Installation
  • Door Closers Installation
  • Door Hardware Repair
  • Door Stopper Installation
  • Hinges Adjustments
  • Regular Handle Lock Installation
  • Shabbos Lock Installation
  • Deadbolt Installation
  • Keyless Door Lock Installation
  • Peep Hole Installation


  • Wireless Routers
  • Printer Configuration/Troubleshooting
  • Ring Doorbells (by Amazon)
  • Doorbells (wireless)
  • Doorbells (wired)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Surveillance Cameras / Systems
  • Motion Detection Lights

Handicap Modifications

  • Wheelchair ramps (Outside & Inside)
  • Handrails
  • Widening Of Doorways (Wheelchair Access)
  • Stairway Lifts
  • Grab Bars
  • Lever Style Handle Modification
  • Interior Door Removal
  • Handheld Shower Heads
  • Wheelchair Accessible Shower
  • Bathtubs With Doors


  • Add Window Openings
  • Modify Window Openings (Larger/Smaller)


  • Wall Removal / Wall Modification
  • New Wall Framing

Flooring / Floor Framing Integrity

  • Structural – Repair Sagging Floors / Repair Squeaking Floors
  • Replace Sub-Flooring Material
  • Install Top Flooring


  • Deck Construction
  • Deck Repair


  • Shed Assembly
  • Shed Construction
  • Shed Repair


Hardin Handyman is not licensed to perform plumbing installations, nor licensed to do most plumbing repairs. However, if you need a plumber – I can assist in finding a plumber that CAN perform your needed plumbing tasks.



WHAT can Hardin Handyman do to make YOUR LIFE BETTER?