Salvaging Wood from Old Barns, Old Houses, Old Sheds

Old Barns, Old Houses, Old Sheds.

Got one that you need to just “go away”?

As time goes on, barns, sheds, old houses that are not maintained simply turn into a big pile of decaying firewood. Not suitable for anything else.

The size can vary. Sometimes the barns are just little:


A really big barn simply turns into a bigger pile of decaying wood if not maintained.

A barn like this:

will usually have great material to turn into tables, bookends, wall cladding, flooring, mantels or even used by artists.

Hardin Handyman will evaluate your barn to see if the wood is salvageable. If it is, we will completely dismantle, haul off, and clean the area simply leaving bare earth where the building used to be. There could be exceptions for say, specific types of foundations, and other unknowns.

Disassembly will look similar to:



No matter where you are, if you have an old building, barn, shed, house – contact me, John Chapman here at Hardin Handyman. Even if you are too far away from me, there is a network of salvage professionals that are capable of removing and saving the old wood before it is lost forever.



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