Hardin Handyman caters to High-End Clients.

Hardin Handyman is dedicated to delivering a High-Quality experience and absolutely a High-Quality, fastidious performance in every project – and we do not chase bottom-dollar customers.

Hardin Handyman is NOT the cheapest – we do not compete on price. We sincerely hope that we are never the cheapest, absolutely deliver the best service, and the highest level of an amazing experience.

As owner of Hardin Handyman: “I, John Chapman, will serve you well. I will take the time to understand your needs and do the utmost to WOW you!”

Your home is your castle, and I respect that.

Of paramount importance is cleanliness, respect for your space and privacy.

I deliver quality, and interaction so rewarding you will be delighted to use Hardin Handyman time and time again.

I want you to be so pleased, and trust in Hardin Handyman, that you will be happy to refer us to your friends, family, business partners, associates.


Pricing Breakdown


Project pricing is typically used for services that will take longer than one day, or otherwise makes sense for this approach.


Building a Deck.
Opening up a wall and installing an expansive window.
Front Door – Complete refinishing (stripping, repair, prepping, finishing, reinstallation).
Garage Door replacement – Removal of old, installation of new.
Gutter Cleaning.

Many of your projects will require stages along the way to allow products to dry or cure. There could also be dependencies upon the services of an electrician or a plumber to perform a process before the next stage is started.

Some projects you ask Hardin Handyman to undertake for you could be multi-faceted. Meaning, there are multiple smaller projects that make up the whole.

Project pricing for larger projects (when applicable) allows both you and me to relax, just get the work done without worrying about the hours during the process.



Hourly rates are a way of simply allocating time. Your projects and your needs vary greatly, and hourly rates cover this aspect really well.


Minimum of one pre-paid hour. $95.00 for the first hour.

Trip fee: Inside Elizabethtown $15.00

Outside Elizabethtown, but inside Hardin County, $25.00

Further out: Trip fee will depend on destination.


Pre-paid Hours

Pre-paid 2 hour block: $180.00 ($90 hr)

Pre-paid 4 hour block: $320.00 ($80 hr)

Pre-paid 8 hour block: $560.00 ($70 hr)

Unless otherwise discussed and agreed, pre-paid hours are contiguous and unutilized time does not extend or roll over.


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