About Hardin Handyman

Howdy, I’m John Chapman.

I’m the owner and operator of Hardin Handyman.

I’m here to serve you, the High-End Client, to make your life better.

I’ve a lifetime of learning skills, learning adaptive problem solving, across a range of disciplines.

With this diversity in multiple skillsets, I am able to think outside the box, and deliver solutions that will sometimes be unique – and other times just the mundane and standard.

I know that the issue you need to be resolved can be simple or complex, but sometimes there is a secondary consideration that needs to be addressed.

I’ll ask those questions and dig in to make sure that you are happy and satisfied.

I’m experienced in Construction, Remodeling, New Building, Equipment Handling, Electronics, Computer Technology (and a few other things).

I also host a podcast, called Blue Collar Voices. I had two guests in particular that inspired me to leverage my skill set and passions into starting Hardin Handyman. My first guest EVER on my podcast, Jacob Guttman of NailIt Handyman, and episode 19 I had on Marc LeConte of High Quality Home Maintenance. Both of these professionals inspired, informed, and helped alter my world view. Thank you, gentlemen.

I absolutely love building and creating – even if it CAN be a lot of work. Sometimes it is dirty and frustrating, sometimes it is knowing how.

You, my High-End Client don’t have to worry about any of it.

My skills, my abilities, my fastidious attention to making your life better – it is a Win/Win!


WHAT can Hardin Handyman do to make YOUR LIFE BETTER?